• Lia Stark

    A feminist theatre-maker, collaborator and clown



    As a Melbourne-based performance maker, Lia is a brash, angry, femme, unapologetically overt, sex-positive, community-based artist who, rather optimistically, has decided to

      change the world through art.

  • Recent Projects

    Love Letters to Fuckbois (2015 - now)

    Collaboratively devised by Lia Stark and Melina Wightman.


    Just because you're confident and sassy on the street, doesn't mean you don't need love between the sheets!


    Follow these letter punches from the loins of two ladies with too much or maybe too little experience with men, as they question sex, love, and intimacy in the age of tinder. The clit is the pen and the pen is the sword with these tongue-in-cheek Scarlett letters that delve into the neurosis of the female libido, scattered with a symphony of (fore)play on words. Is it just these two lasses who define embarrassment in the boudoir or are we all doomed to be unlucky in love?


    It’s not as much a performance as it is a manifesto

    Jonathan O’Brien


    Outstanding fire and heartbreaking vulnerability” Rhumer Diball


    Wightman and Stark are clever, hilarious and write a damn good letter, just maybe not one you’d like to be on the receiving end on”

    Heidi Harrison

    “Prepare to get weird/cry if you're wanting to hit this one up

    Pedestrian TV.




    Einstein on the bitch (2017)

    Devised and Performed by Lia Stark

    Anywhere Theatre Festival 2017


    To navigate this seemingly unending artistic crisis, Lia has devised Einstein on the Bitch; a night about bringing together our community, stroking her ego and most importantly, finding a reason to get out of bed.


    This is one woman’s attempt to guide herself through living in Brisbane, making meaningful art and if there’s still time in the day, not going insane. Always too aware of her privilege, Lia is determined to figure out if her hero, Albert Einstein, had it right when he spoke of the rarity of happiness or if she’s just going through the post-university, pre -"successful artist" phase. Full of lovelorn female neurosis, this not-quite-theatre, not-quite-group-therapy show will be a night to turn off Netflix for.


    "Making art is scary, sure, but Lia gives fellow artists hope that it is worth trying and maybe it is worth getting out of bed for"

    Natasha Hayes


    Drag king

    Available for Private Hire and MC work


    Exploring her Argentinian heritage, this drag king will bring a "DIOS MIO" to any audience's lips.


    Sexy. Debaucherous.


    This gaucho is delighting audiences across Melbourne and Brisbane.

  • Portfolio

    creative collaborations



    Matilda Award 2018

    Billie Brown Award for Best Emerging Artist


    Not Currently

    Love Letters to Fuckbois

    Metro Arts SOLD OUT 2018

    Anywhere Theatre Festival 5/16

    Melbourne Fringe Festival 9/16

    Asthena Music and Poetry Slam, The Foundry 6/16

    Passiona Intersectional Arts Night, The Brightside 11/16


    SLUTWalk Cabaret Fundraiser 

    LOOP Project Space

    Drag 2019


    Love Letters to Fuckbois Presents: A Podcast Series

    10 episode series, Co-Host 9/2017


    Festival of Australian Student Theatre

    Artistic Director 2017


    "Leah Sublime" by Aleister Crowley and Rebuttal

    Poetry Reading and Facilitator

    People's Pride Festival, 8/2017


    Einstein on The Bitch 

    Writer, Performer and Facilitator

    Anywhere Theatre Festival 5/2017


    An Act of Intimacy

    By Ruby Donohoe

    2High Festival Presentation 1/16


    Pea Green Doesn't Last Forever

    Writer, Director and Performer

    Fresh Blood Festival 11/14


    Taming of the Shrew - A Grateful Chorus

    Collaborator and Director 10/14


    Brisbane - A Doing Word - Australian Premiere

    By David Burton

    Directed by Claire Christian

    Lead Performer 3/13


    Iphigenia 2.0

    By Charles Mee

    Directed by Dave Sleswick, Motherboard Productions

    Vena Cava Productions

    Collaborator, Performer 7/12


    Can We Do It?

    Devised by Lia Stark and Kitty Gatling

    Mainstage Production 5/12


    Panels and MC

    Woodford Folk Festival 2018/19

    Parlour Stage Host


    Woodford Folk Festival 2017/18

    Parlour Stage Host


    Brisbane Feminist Festival

    Women in Arts and Media Panel 2017


    Vena Cava Productions Fresh Blood Festival

    Arts and Activism Panel 2016


    education and residencies

    Bachelor of Fine Arts

    Bachelor of Business 

    Queensland University of Technology 2011 - 14

    - Graduated with Distinction -


    Dicky Beau NIDA Masterclass

    Melbourne International Arts Festival 2018


    Australian Performing Arts Market - Youth Delegate

    Brisbane 2018


    Welcome to the Phallaxy


    House Conspiracy Resident Artist 2/2017


    Improvised Movement

    w Stacey Donovan at The Improbably Stage 2015


    Brisbane Festival

    Theatre Republic Producing Intern 2014




  • Keen to Collaborate?

    All theatrical, political, existential, musical, dramaturgical, theological and personal inquiries


    @curlsofthefuture @loveletterstofuckbois